Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Plandaí Perched to Capture $50 Billion Dollar Nutrition Market‏ (PLPL) [Due Diligence!]

The title of this post is the subject line of an email we received today. Plandai Biotechnology (OTC: PLPL) gained 6.67% to $0.32 on nearly 8-times higher than average trading volume of almost 200,000 shares (Wednesday 1 May market close). Plandai has almost 111 million shares outstanding, so the volume is a drop in the bucket despite the surge. We're talking about a company with a $35.5 million market capitalization. Plandai has closed higher in each of the last six sessions. Volume picked up Monday of last week, fell off a cliff on Friday, and has since increased by 5-times, and double each of its past three sessions. It looks like Plandai went untraded for a good chunk of 2012 into 2013.

With a 52 week trading range of $0.04 - $0.35 caveat emptor goes without saying. A sensible warning may not deter momentum riders and profit seekers with Plandai Biotechnology (PLPL), but maybe we'll find some readers that will share their due diligence: (1) why did Plandai go untraded? (2) revenues went to $0.00 in 2012 year-ending June 30th, what happened? (3) who are the company's largest shareholders? (3) $5.81 million in long term investments listed on the balance sheet, what is/are this and is that valuation reasonable? (4) it looks like about $3.5 million of new capital was raised (stock issuance), who bought? (5) the message was sent from someone at, who or what is ragulp? (6) prepared to take over the nutrition market, what does that mean? (7) the author of this report claims to be long PLPL  but could also have turned a seller, and may short sell ... who is the author again? (8) what is Plandai's "production forecast for 2014 sales?" (9) where is this factory to be commissioned? (10) confusing, is it a $50 billion or $29 billion nutrition market?

Here's a full copy of the email.Yellow highlights at bottom added by editor for readers' reference.

Plandaí Prepared to Take Over $50 Billion Dollar Nutrition Market 

More than 10 years have been invested into R&D and now Plandaí Biotechnology, Inc. (PLPL), a creator of highly bioavailablePhytofare™ plant extracts, is all set for commercialization.
The company is now ahead of schedule and with plenty of material to meet its production forecast for 2014 sales.  The product will be prepared for market by the close of this year. It’s effectively an “all systems go” situation with the factory anticipated to be commissioned in August.
Plandaí Biotechnology, Inc. (PLPL) is primed to storm the $29-BILLION United States nutritional supplements market and $50-BILLION worldwide tea business INSTANTLY!
The use of research materials created by the author is done at your own risk.  You are encouraged to do your own research and due diligence before making any investment decision with respect to the secu rity discussed herein. The author has not been compensated by any entity in connection with the disbursement of these materials. You should assume that as of the date of this report or letter, the author, (possibly along with or through our owners, affiliates, employees and/or consultants”) (cooperatively referred to as the author) has a position in all company shares (and/or options of the shares) covered herein that is consistent with the position set forth in our report. In connection with PLPL, the author has taken a long position. Following the distribution of any report or letter, the author intends to continue engaging in trnsactns in the security covered herein, and we may be long, short, and/or neutral at any time hereafter regardless of our initial position and we preserve the right to procure or trade all or part of our position at any time without notice.  This practice could end in our trading securities at any time before, during, and/or after the distribution of this report. Full disclaimer

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