Tuesday, October 30, 2012

FYI Pengram Corp (PNGM) (P_N G M) in play, email says "big play"

This email received during the day Tuesday concerning Pengram Corp (PNGM) (P_N G M). The target price of $.39 for Pengram PNGM doesn't look like much but it's a huge move from the less than 5 cents it last traded it. Be careful out there. And oping for the best for all that have been impacted and those with friends/family impacted by hurricane Sandy!

Original Pengram Corp (PNGM) (P_N GM) email: "Stocks for the week ahead"

We were all stoked for a big play on P_N G M, top query across all investor websites! Gossip coming from marked people aligned with Pengram Gold have told us of a considerable property announcement which will be released some time next day now that Hurricane Sandy has finished and we should be back trading once again.

Trade: Oct, 31
OTC: Pengram Corp.
Ticker Symbol: P_N G M
Market Price: .045
Target Price: $.39

Mineral Portfolio - three properties covering 12,600 acres across Nevada and British Columbia. Right now the stock has fallen to $0.045 on minimal buying but we ascertain it will quickly shoot above 0.20 once this release is revealed to the mainstream.

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