Saturday, April 20, 2013

"New Highs No Surprise" L B_T_G - Liberty Coal

This one came in on April 16th. Our prayers and thoughts to victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. And caveat emptor with Liberty Coal Energy Corp. (LBTG). Liberty had a volatile week falling sharply from an intraday high of 6 cents on Monday to a penny and a half on Friday. Be careful folks, Liberty Coal (LBTG) has a market capitalization of around $4.75 million with over 315 million shares outstanding.

Breaking intelligence for L B_T_G - Liberty Coal - that will deliver huge returns!!!
Takeover offers are back on the table that will push L B_T_G shares up to the $.20 - $.30 range. Today L B_T_G is selling for a very low price, so the money to be made is huge! Competitors want to take over L B_T_G because of their massive coal assets that can produce shale oil. Take action now to get rich on this information ahead of the rest of the public. Buy every share of L B_T_G you can get on April, 16.

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