Sunday, October 21, 2012

Telpac Industries TLPC stock spam (pump-and-dump) "This Company Signs Agreement With Reputable PR Agency‏"

Telpac Industries (TLPC) appears to be the target of a stock spam, pump-and-dump. An email received Sunday afternoon says there's a target of $2 on TLPC compared to its Friday close of $0.32 which is actually its Thursday close since no shares traded on Friday --- this is interesting ahead of a weekend stock spam. 7,000 shares changed hands on Thursday and TLPC traded between $0.28 (at open and its daily low) and $0.32. TLPC has many days in which no shares change hands. Volume in the tens of thousands is lumpy surrounded by zero-volume days. Yahoo Finance shows TLPC has a $9.37 million market capitalization. And TLPC is shown to have traded between $0.03 and $1.75 over the past year. It goes without saying:  CAVEAT EMPTOR. Very tenuous reason to buy a stock, let a lone a penny stock, on such news. See subject line and full Telpac Industries (TLPC) stock spam email below.

Original email: "This Company Signs Agreement With Reputable PR Agency"

Rise and Shine Readers!
T_LP C is making surges! Number 1 Searched Stock On Board Central Today. Get 
Your Buy Orders In Right Away. 

Date: Oct, 22
Symbol to buy: T_LP C
Per share price: 0.32
Long Term Target Price: 2

T_LP C has retained well known mobile game developers Revolution Games Inc 
to develop 2 addictive games that will feature graphics intense, multi 
player gameplay. Rather then charging buyers a flat cost to buy the game, 
T_LP C utilize the micro payment system pioneered by developers like Zynga. 
Micro Payments goad buyers to buy in-game money to acquire an advantage over 
fellow gamers. Both games will be released in Q4 for the 100ml+ consumers on 
the Apple App Store and Android Market. Start purchasing T_LP C Mon, Oct 22, 
2012 at the market open. Call your broker, or do it online by yourself.

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