Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Anybody still "excited" about SCX_N (Scout Exploration Inc) (SCXN)

Sometimes it's interesting to look back on how the old stock pick emails turn out that we frequently find in our email. Last week we were told to "Get Ready!". Somebody said, "I'm So Excited About Our New Pick!" Well, who exactly comes up with a pick like Scout Exploration (OTC: SCXN)? Scout Exploration is a stock that on April 24th spiked up at the market open to about $0.38 from a $0.345 close, only to drop hard to a low of $0.25 on the day and close at $0.29. Same spike-drop-recover-drop pattern on the 25th and 26th. Fast forward, SCXN's May 1st close was $0.22. Oh and volume fell to 10,500 shares compared to over 330,000 shares traded on Friday. Any readers care to share any findings or their thoughts about Scout Exploration (SCXN)?

Here's the email we received. We love the part: "I'm sure the promoters might go aggressive on this company now."

Dont you see this pick? Impressive updates out: SCX_N could
profit from ban in offshore mining in Arctic! SCX_N forecasts
to capture 34 percent of the worlds outstanding oil and gas in
the Arctic see. It's Huge!!! We will see a pop soon for fast
income just as on Mon. With 0 marketing running on Wednesday,
I'm sure the promoters might go aggressive on this company now.
Add 10000 units of SCX_N - ride it for big return!

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admin said...

For anyone keeping track, the following email for SXCN had come in on April 23. Subject line: It could be a traders dream. Favorite part: "Grab shares under dollar on Wed, Apr 24!" Now they go for under a quarter-dollar!

Our newest pick - Best Income Generating Field Rectifying the Oil
Leakage: Who is Making Money? New York analysts forecasted that BP will allocate $15 billion to $26 billion on fixing. Clear Harbors of
Norwell, Mass., is forecasted to deliver $304 million from the Gulf
spill in 2014. S C_X N IDS Oil-Spill Response Tool brings a new and important tool for oil spill response. Trade S C_X N until it reaches a dollar. Grab shares under dollar on Wed, Apr 24!