Wednesday, May 1, 2013

PWE_I "I`m speechless about our success!‏" April 18 email

What success exactly? 14 cents is far from 50 cents. PACWEST EQUITIES INC (OTC: PWEI) is shown to have a $135.2 million market capitalization on Google Finance. No s/o count provided. No financials provided either. Hmmmmm...

PWEI closed at $0.139 on May 1st. Volume was about 28,000 shares against 536,000 average volume. Check it: volume was 5.6 million shares traded on April 19! 1.1 million April 20! And a fraction each day since. Looks like there could have been some accumulation of in late March but liquidity started to dry up, hence the pump? PWEI has a wide 52 week trading range $0.03 to $0.80. At the high end, are we to believe this company has a market capitalization of more than $600 million? Any info readers care to share?

Here's the PACWEST EQUITIES (PWEI) email we received back on April 18th.

Welcome bulletin for PWE_I investors. Buy thousands of PWE_I
stock possible at the morning, while it's still cheap. Then
watch the cost soar to 50 cents - or likley hit a looney!
Start to make a big on PWE_I early Thursday, April 18

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