Sunday, April 25, 2010

'New to the SmallCaps game‏' -- Amico Games (AMCG) (AMCG.OB)

This Amico Games email just in to our Windows Live Hotmail junk box. Note the current stock price in the email is different than where Amico Games (AMCG) (AMCG.OB) closed on Friday. Amico closed at $0.375 down 3.85%. Notice the target price in the email of over $1, which is higher than Amico Games 52 week high of $0.85. Amico Games market cap is $27.38 million.

Be careful out there.

Trrading Alerrt on BRrEAKING NEWS !!!

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (Marketwire - 04/06/10) Amico Games Corp. (AMCG - News), today announces that the number of its total game registered users has reached 22,492,726 as of February 28, 2010 - of which 898,209 were new registered users joining during the month of February.

Take a look at this massive play.

Amico Games Corp.

Syimbol: AMCG ob
Currrent: $0.45 (+1.12%)
Tarrget: $1.44

Amico Games Corp is a software commpany specializing in developing multiplayer mobile phone games for the Chinese market. That's right, the biggest mobile phone market in the world. You have seen the viral effect of some of these games.
Once the ball starts rolling things get hot real fast.

More news about AMCG:

February 8 - Amico Games Corp. Rated 'Specullative Bu y,' by Beacon Equiity Research with a Tarrget of $1.44

February 12 - Amico Games Corp. Adds Approx 1 Million New Users Through 2010

February 16 - Amico Games Corp. Appraised as Top Three Profiitable Enterprise at China's 5th Mobile Phone Game Enterprise Fair

March 18 - Emerging stck Report Initiates Independent Research Coverage on Amico Games Corp.

And on April 1st Amico Games announces a deal with Tencent, Chinas largest online game platform.

With Beacon Equity Research and Emerging Reports both covering this gem. Amico games has a solid audience.

What a combination!

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