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Nexaira (NXWI) 'My latest pick could easily be Cisco's next takeover' -Top Equity News

Nexaira Wireless, Inc. (NXWI) (NXWI.OB) is a $62.26M market cap developer of 3G/4G routing solutions. Nexaira (NXWI) was talked up in an unsolicited report received at our Windows Live Hotmail account. Details of the email below. (All hyperlinks have been stripped.)

"My latest pick could easily be Cisco's next takeover
Inside this Special Situations report see how my latest pick, a young high tech company, already has Sprint and Comcast fueling its revenue stream!"

I've just discovered a high tech small cap that could bring you high powered gains with its need-for-speed technology. It has the FASTEST router in the world!

My latest high tech pick is an emerging wireless technology company with patented, proprietary wireless router technology that is to the retail world (for starters) what Cisco was to a world that demanded the hardwire router.

I'm confident that this company, Nexaira (NXWI), is going to blow Cisco's Linksys and Netgear right out of the water-and might just be the next young wireless technology company the giant puts on its radar for takeover!

Nexaira Wireless (NXWI) with its third and fourth generation (3G and 4G) hardware and software offers blinding speed, phenomenal dependability and no downtime. (Imagine how a retailer using a landline for sales and inventory will love that!)

What's really going to move sales and revenue into the major leagues? NXIA has the FASTEST router in the world...the easiest to set up because of its iconic 3G GUI (IG3) patent...and the most cost effective business class router ever!

Now that may not sound all that sexy but it's important to how we're going to make piles of money-and there's a lot more to this story.

I believe NEXAIRA has Cisco's potential

Trading for pennies on the dollar just like NXWI, Cisco (NasdaqGS: CSCO) began trading even lower than NXWI , around $0.10-yes, a dime. At its highest it was trading at a high of over $79.

If you had invested even just $5,000 when share prices were $0.10 your initial investment would have rocketed to a stunning $3.95 MILLION. A gain of 78,900%!

Like NXWI, Cisco had the right product at the right time. It won't be long before NXWI could start rocketing up the charts like Cisco.

No start up here...this company is investing for growth

Nexaira (NXWI) is a California-based company that started in 2005 and within 24 months saw revenues swell to $12+ million and again in 2008. Last year was a year for retooling and refocusing for positive development. This year, the company is on target for DOUBLE DIGIT REVENUE GROWTH!

That's no surprise when you consider the company invested $4.2 million into the development of its next generation 3g AND 4g wireless technology. I look for management that puts money back into the company to invest in the future, not to make a quick buck.

NXWI also owns the patented technology-the license, technology, hardware...all of it. That means all of the lion's share of the revenues are theirs to keep. Shareholder value could be astronomical as revenues grow.

And?the company has no debt giving it more market firepower and greater shareholder value.

Speaking of growth...

Wireless market sector is set to DOUBLE in the coming 36 months

Demand for 3G and 4G wireless technology is going to be right up there with demand for high-speed Internet.

ABI Research forecasts that 3G wireless router segment will explode 55% by 2013. In that same timeframe, they project that the number of devices will grow fivefold reaching 6.8 million units. That's very good news for NXWI and its shareholders. As the market grows, the share price swells.

Let's examine some of the other growth factors:

* Wireless devices equipment market is expected to grow to $1.1 BILLION in 2012

Plus, in the security market where NXWI has planned expansion:

* Wireless infrastructure and LAN security market is worth more than $8 BILLION worldwide

* Wireless security market has grown more than 600% in the in less than a decade

Wireless is growing and is really just starting to get lift-much like broadband did after dialup and then DSL. The potential for growth in this market sector is tremendous.

This is a ground floor opportunity for you to take hold of a piece of a technology company whose objective is to "Own the Market"! Based on what I've seen, and what management has shared with me, I am confident they're well on their way to doing just that.

You can get in on NXWI for under a dollar!

Remember how Cisco shot from $.10 to a high of $79? Time and again it has been proven that the largest gains are made when investors get in on the groundfloor. Think AOL... Microsoft... Dell... Starbucks. They all started right where Nexaira (NXWI) is starting at the groundfloor.

And, every one of those companies amassed millions upon millions for shareholders.

Nexaira (NXWI), while established, is still trading for pennies on the dollar. But I firmly believe that's all about to change.

The company is entering a new phase of market penetration now that their development efforts well under their belt. Recently, it was announced they've expanded into the Canadian market through a reseller agreement. Next step: worldwide. Every new announcement has a positive effect on the share price.

Garmin, Sprint and cable giant COMCAST already love NXWI

Nexaira (NXWI) is a company with clients already in the big leagues-straight where I believe Nexaira is headed. Look at their client list. It's impressive.


Market potential for this next generation technology in terms of growth and expansion, sales and revenue generation is huge. Think of the jump from dialup to broadband to DSL. Markets for this technology range from mobile operators and service providers to Value-Added Resellers, enterprise customers and original equipment manufacturers.

Further strengthening shareholder position is the company's multiple revenue streams that come from varying customer bases and multiple product lines.

Think retail stores, online stores, grocery stores, banks, restaurants, gas stations, lottery kiosks as well as the security market-fire and police as well as emergency operators can all benefit from this technology.

In this case, Nexaira has the world in the palm of their hand. Potential for growth is staggering.

In my many years of recommending new companies to my subscribers, the market has proven time and again: the most staggering wealth comes from early stage companies. I urge you to talk to your investment advisor about an investment in Nexaira now.
Heavy hitters are already partnering with NXWI

Sprint is no fly-by-night. This $11.22 billion market cap company, known for its powerful telecom, is just one of the power partners teaming with NXWI. Novatel Wireless, Sputnik and BIOCOM are a few of the others.

New partnerships are being aggressively sought every day by NXWI's management. Getting your piece of NXWI today could be your link to owning a piece of Cisco or Microsoft of tomorrow.

There's something I have not even told you yet

What sets NXWI apart from the competition is not only speed and reliability?but its ability to keep the world moving. Let me explain.

Retail establishments are a major market for NXWI. Most of them today are using landlines for sales and inventory for example. What happens when they're in the middle of a sale or processing inventory and their lines go down? Critical time is lost rebooting and sales are jeopardized.

NXWI's 3G and 4G wireless router technology changes all of that. It's genius actually.

With the Nexaira wireless router in place right next to the retailer's landline, when the landline goes down, the wireless router kicks in and the retailer's system continues to work seamlessly-no downtime guaranteed.

Through an arrangement of carriers, IT resellers, wireless operators and distribution channels, Nexaira is providing cellular/wireless redundancy to the networks. Their 3G/4G wireless system provides virtually 100% uptime, assuring no delay in approvals, data transfer or streaming video. What'll appeal to the massive retailer market is its ease of plug and play. No complex installation. It's the most cost-effective business class router — and the fastest in the world!

Show me the cash...

Retail is an enormous cash cow. Take restaurants, for example.

According to the National Restaurant Association, there are approximately 500,000 member restaurants in the US alone. And that's just members ? the real numbers are much greater.

Think about all the chains?the McDonalds, Ruby Tuesdays, TGI Fridays' all linked by a hardwire/phone line to corporate for approvals, inventory and just-in-time ordering. With millions of dollars worth of transactions a day, they cannot afford to have their system go down.

With Nexaira's (NXWI) wireless riding along side their wired system, they have assured themselves of 99.999% up-time. Think of the company's revenue potential should some of these major retailers come on-board. Should that happen I expect positive upward movement on the share price.

A market that continues to balloon-just like NXWI's trading price is projected to do!

Consider the market for retail business that uses plastic for sales. Department stores (33,000 at last count), gas stations (of 118,000 nationwide), hardware stores (30,000 in the US alone), all totally dependent on a skinny little wire.

Examining the retail market in the U.S. sector alone I expect Nexaira (NXWI) sales to explode especially in the coming 12 to 24 months when 4G comes on strong. It would not surprise me to see revenues TRIPLED OR QUADRPULED in that time.

That's not even counting international sales, which should be coming on stream quickly since they just signed a reseller in Canada.

And that's just a part of Nexaira's wireless strategy-the untapped potential is worth a goldmine

Utilizing their "Zero Touch" deployments, wireless systems can be installed in areas where traditional wired service is prohibitively expensive and therefore unavailable to customers.

Amazingly there are many areas of the country and entire nations, without DSL or broadband capacity. Their proprietary systems not only rival DSL for speed, they are self-provisioning and self-activating, making installation easy.

This remote capability is part of a huge pent-up demand that could propel Nexaira's trading price into the big leagues of major high tech companies.

Takeover potential is strong for companies like Nexaira (NXWI)

One competitor, Pure Networks, was already acquired by Cisco in August of 2008. I believe the exact same takeover potential exists for Nexaira. Small to mid-size high tech companies are ripe for takeovers by the majors especially one that has the fastest router in the world.

In this business of high tech this is standard operating procedure. And let me tell you: the high-powered high techs are always watching the young companies. You'd be wise to be invested quickly, before a takeover could occur.
NexAira Named to M2M
Top 100 Technology Providers for 2009

Powering Nexaira to success: a top flight management team

You can have all the technology in the world, no debt, staggering demand for your product. But if the management team isn't in place, the company will fail. I've seen it time and again. When I saw the heavy hitters on the Nexaira management team I knew we had a goldmine.

As you'll see, this is a team of heavyweights that have spent decades in the tech sector. Success follows these guys.

They've made millions for investors just like you and they're about to do it again. An investment in this small cap could return multiple times your money. For complete management bios visit the company website at today to learn more. Then strongly consider a shareholder stake in NXWI after you talk to your investment advisor.

10 reasons why NXWI could spell strong shareholder value for you

* NXIA has the fastest router in the world--and the easiest to set up thanks to its patented technology
* Wireless backup that retail and industry are now demanding
* Huge pent-up market for wireless routing
* Ease of installation and self-actuating equipment
* Provides access in remote areas
* 3G and 4G technology (even Apple isn't this up-to-date)
* Growing client list that includes Cox, Comcast, Sprint, Garmin and Telos as well as many other big names with deep pockets.
* Takeover potential by Cisco or even Sprint is very strong
* Potential for serious increase in share price potentially climbs to new highs
* Most cost effective business class router ever

I urge you to speak to your advisor or broker regarding adding Nexaira to your portfolio now. You can learn more at

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