Monday, March 8, 2010

PlasmaTech, Inc. (PMAH.PK) (PMAH) Pump and Dump?

The following email concerning PlasmaTech, Inc. (PMAH.PK) (PMAH) was received in the junk box of Windows Live Hotmail. The PMAH email sure has the look and feel of a stock spam otherwise synonymous with the pump-and-dump. PMAH gained 0.7% on Monday to close at $0.073/share giving it a market capitalization of $5.18M (Yahoo!). Volume was just a hair over 1M compared to avg vol (3m) of 454,639. PMAH has a 52wk range of $0.01 - $1.10. The PMAH email is targeting $0.80 ("long terrm tarrget") (sic). Details of the PMAH follow (content and format per original).

PlasmaTech, Inc. (PMAH.PK) (PMAH):

"Small Cap Company"

*** 2010 Watch Allert*** Monday, March, 8th


Siymbol: PMAH
currrent: $0.0725 (+5%)
Long Terrm Tarrget: $0.80

Plasmatech Inc.(PMAH), a development stage commpany,
engages in the design, marketing, and sale of illuminated
signboard products using plasma lighting technology. The plasma
lighting technology enables the reproduction of illuminated
photo-quality images onto thin plastic. The company intends to
market its technology to the trade show industry and focus on
signage applications in industrial trrade show exhibits and
displays,such as illuminated banners and wall displays.
Plasmatech Inc was founded in 2004 and is based in Las Vegas,

We are giving PMAH(PK) our highest rating and stress to look
closely on this gem. Go check out the research and keep it on
your radar!

(This is not a recommmendation to buy or sell securities.)

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Gov Jeb Bush who ordered the investigation said he was told the arrests were being
made and hoped that at the end of the day justice will be served (Watch Bush express his hopes about the case)
We also hope that once the process is completed that Martin Lee Andersons family

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Waylon Graham attorney for one of the defendants Charles Helms said he wasnt surprised at the outcome of the probe
Its pretty clear that the outside prosecutors succumbed to the pressure from the governor
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