Friday, July 11, 2008

Mindpix Corp (MPIX) (MPIX.PK) Stock Spam Keeps Coming

At least two more Mindpix Corp (MPIX) (MPIX.PK) stock spams have arrived during the day so far Friday. Intraday MPIX is down 30% at $0.07 a share on heavier than average volume of about 140,000 shares, but far slower trading than yesterday.

Details of the latest Mindpix Corp (MPIX) (MPIX.PK) stock spams below:


"Have you seen t his. market alert?"

Increasing to 10 cents, and volume is gerat.

Corportaion-name: Min'd Pix
Y_esterday clsoe: .10 UP agian

The past two dyas are just the beginning.

Get in o n this deal mpix N,OW.


"Amazing- market alert‏"

On the rise at -.10, inves otrs are getting in and buying hard.

Tcik: mp,ix
Business Name: MindPix Corp
It is now: .10 UP almost 300%

Lo,ok at the numbers and move.

Get in on" this deal mpix frist AM Friday.

Track MPIX stock spam here.

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