Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mindpix Corp (MPIX) (MPIX.PK) Stock Spam Continues

Mindpix Corp (MPIX) (MPIX.PK) stock spam arrived again, in Gmail, although unlike earlier today, the latest one arrived directly as junk mail. MPIX appears to be largely unchanged (due to its miniscule share price) but gained 2.04% nonetheless to close at $0.10 a share even. Volume was heavy at nearly 575,000 shares, about 15x avg 3m vol. Keep in mind that MPIX's market cap is a whopping $13,061! And still has a "Caveat Emptor" label for MPIX. Last Wednesday, MPIX closed at $0.11 a share. MPIX's 52wk range is $0.03 - $0.40 a share.

Contents of latest Mindpix Corp (MPIX) (MPIX.PK) stock spam:

"You won't bleeive this"

Increasing to 10. cents, and volume t o rise.

Business Name: MindPi.x Corp
Latest Pricing: .10 UP again

Thi s co mpany is on the verge of really solid growth.

Jump on th is stock Friday Morning.

Track MPIX stock spam here.

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