Sunday, July 13, 2008

Harris Exploration (HXPN) (HXPN.PK) Spam Reappears, HXPN Halted?

Harris Exploration (HXPN) (HXPN.PK) stock spam made a reappearance early Sunday to Windows Live Hotmail again. The dubiously garbled HXPN spam claims an anticipated tripling of its share price from a $0.03 a share close on July 8 (that's right, it hasn't traded since then, you think it has been halted by the SEC) to $0.09 a share. Details of the latest HXPN spam below. still has a "caveat emptor" warning label and doesn't provide any quote and stock related information.

Details of the latest Harris Exploration (HXPN) (HXPN.PK) stock spam:

"Picking the rightinvestment‏"

ScreenWatch "of the week
We only_ chooseWinners, for our beloved members

Com_pany: Harri Expolration
Pink S "h e e t s: [H X P N]
Pr'ce: 0.03
Anticipated: 0.09"
Advising: A stron.g BuyAn.dHold

You may only get one ooprtnu ity to getin
CaIl your acc ount mnager now!

Track HXPN and HXPN spam here.

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admin said...

This just in (see below), apparently the Spanish version of the HXPN spam. Claiming an ever higher target price of $0.12/share. HXPN last at $0.04/share. Daily high of $0.05/share.

"Alerta 'por Julio catorce‏"

400 por ciento por in" vestores
el nombre del comp.ania es haris ,exploracion
Simbol:- [H-X-P-N]
Pre-vio: 0.03
Prediccion: 0.12
telefono tus cordeore"s imediamente