Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another Harris Exploration (HXPN) (HXPN.PK) Stock Spam

Harris Exploration (HXPN) (HXPN.PK) continues to be the target of stock spam. HXPN was last down a penny (-22.22%) at $0.04 a share at 11:39 Eastern USA (nearly 177,000 shares traded). Details of the latest HXPN spam below. This HXPN spam arrived in a Windows Live Hotmail junk box. Track HXPN and HXPN spam here.

"Bill Gates perishes in jet crash on way to foundation‏"

07/08/ 15
It has gone up by 50 percnet onMnoday alone
Look at the charts it has no way to go but up

Inc: Ha rr is Ex pl or at i on
Pi Nk Sh eets: [H `X `P `N]
Q u o t e: 0.05
P r e di cted: 0. "13
Status: [B, u y]

Pull it up on your computer screens -now
Get with your bbanker iemdiately!

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