Thursday, July 3, 2008

Harris Exploration (HXPN) (HXPN.PK) Stock Spam Back

Harris Exploration (HXPN) (HXPN.PK) was last a stock spam target in late December last year. (See the spam details here). The latest HXPN spam arrived in a Windows Live Hotmail junk box early Thursday morning. HXPN is trading even lower now than before (the last quote on Yahoo! Finance is a $0.025 close on June 26). And still has a "Caveat Emptor" warning label for HXPN too.

Harris Exploration (HXPN) (HXPN.PK) spam details:

"this will not d-isappoint you‏"

Thur Jul_ 03
MakrtWatch r_ight now

Name: Harriss Explor
Sybmol: H X P N
Close: 0..025
In six days: 0.08

Fight back against shortselers and make- a ki lling in the process
The -word will spread and hx pn will break through
Thurs July 3rd


admin said...

Late Wednesday night, the same HXPN spam also arrived in a Windows Live Hotmail junk box. "an interesting choice"

Tuhrs J.uly 3rd
A MustWatch Al.ert

Name: Har.riss Explor
Sybmol:_ H X P N
Ar"ound: 0.02
Before next week-end: 0.09

Rea'd about the strong story behind it
Thi s is a boat you don t want to miss
Thu-rs Jul 3

El Borak said...

Just arrived in my (junk) inbox:

Tu esady Jul 15
DayOne turns out to be, very strong for dayfo.r HX Look at the charts it has no way to go but up

C o m p a n y: H a r r i s E x p l o r a t i o n s
s y m b o l: H X P ,N
C,urrently: 0.05
7.d a y: 0.14
Advice: [B U Y]

You can still ride the train it hanst gone away
G'et with" your brokre stat quo!

I'm pretty sure the spammers are tied in with, as I signed up to read one of their reports on a company that I knew they had wildly inaccurate information about (CCMN), and the next thing I knew, spam out the wazoo. Some of it even in Spanish, if you can believe it...