Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mindpix Corp (MPIX) (MPIX.PK) Stock Spam Alert

A reader posted details of a Mindpix Corp (MPIX) (MPIX.PK) stock spam that arrived in a Gmail account (MPIX spam contents below). And sure enough, Mindpix issued a statement about "recent spam attacks." Note has a "Caveat Emptor" warning label for Mindpix (MPIX). MPIX closed Wednesday at $0.11 a share. Yahoo! Finance shows MPIX has a 52wk range of $0.10 - $0.40. Avg 3m vol is under 30,000 shares.

Mindpix Corp (MPIX) (MPIX.PK) stock spam details:

Now is the time look at the history

Tick'er: mpix
Business Name: MnidPix Cor'p
At this time: .160

Davi,d Ballif, Chief Exectuive Office r, went on a site inspe'ction of
the American based manufacturing facility and, felt that they were well
ahead of the curve.

Increased volume _and lower price point gives yo u, the advantage of a
low buy- in for, huge profits.

All the signs point to a sharp inrcease.

Buy it and see imem'diately.

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