Sunday, June 22, 2008

Human BioSystems (HBSC) (HBSC.OB) Stock Spam

Human BioSystems (HBSC) (HBSC.OB) is the target of a stock spam. The HBSC spam arrived to a Windows Live Hotmail account early Sunday morning. It evaded the junk filter straight into the inbox. HBSC is a true penny stock, worth a whole penny! HBSC closed Friday untraded at $0.01. HBSC's average volume during the last 3m is over 146,000. HBSC has a 52wk range of $0.01 to $0.14. has no warning label yet; HBSC is currently shown as being dually quoted on the PinkSheets and OTCBB.

Details of Human BioSystems (HBSC) (HBSC.OB) stock spam:

"Shooting Stars Stock Report‏"

Human Biosystems (HBSC) is working to bring a better tomorrow...
Human BioSystems ("HBS") ( OTC BB:HBSC.OB - News - ), a Silicon Valley-based biotech and bio-energy company, announced in a previous press release that it has partnered with the principals of Dairy Development Group ("DDG") to form Environmental BioMass Energy ("EBE").
EBE's proprietary technology is designed to convert multiple sources of waste biomass thus providing unique solutions that address two pressing issues, the biological hazards of toxic waste material and the provision of a continuous supply of clean energy EBE is on the way to converting waste biomass, such as cow manure, to reliable electrical energy using proprietary technology. The first project in Central California will pave the way for a cleaner more energy efficient California. With 66 million for this first project and an additional 400 million dollars financially committed for five more plants via a signed term sheet with an experienced Canadian capital firm. These six plants will be designed to deliver more than 300 megawatts of power each year from bio-waste sources. The novel approach EBE has outlined will generate green energy and will beneficially impact both the dairy industry and the health problems associated with the large number of cows and manure.
By further looking into EBE you will see that it has good management in place to get the job done. CEO, Len Chapman of EBE has been a Senior Executive with numerous Fortune 500 companies over the past 25 years including Monsanto, Specialty Foods Corporation, Safeway, and Kraft Foods. His current responsibilities entail provision of oversight for the design, construction and operation of sophisticated waste processing facilities. Other EBE management personnel have extensive leadership experience in business management and corporate integration, agribusiness, product development and market implementation.
Human BioSystems ("HBS" or "Company") (OTCBB: HBSC) also specializes in the development of advanced organ, tissue and cellular preservation platforms and is the holder of five U.S. patents covering such technologies. HBSC has pioneered revolutionary technologies that may forever change both the blood banking and organ and tissue transplantation industries. Developed after many years of research into extending the preservation periods of biological materials, these cutting-edge technologies may soon be available to save potentially thousands of lives and hundreds of millions of dollars.
Latest Update on medical side...
HBS Cold Preservation Solution Article Published in the Current Issue of the Prestigious Journal of Investigative Surgery ~ Read about the study utilizing a rat kidney transplant model and how the HBS cold-preservation solution proved more successful than other preservation solutions considered to be the current 'gold standards' in the field.

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nak said...

I just got this in my Gmail inbox 1 hour ago:

Now is the time look at the history

Tick'er: mpix
Business Name: MnidPix Cor'p
At this time: .160

Davi,d Ballif, Chief Exectuive Office r, went on a site inspe'ction of
the American based manufacturing facility and, felt that they were well
ahead of the curve.

Increased volume _and lower price point gives yo u, the advantage of a
low buy- in for, huge profits.

All the signs point to a sharp inrcease.

Buy it and see imem'diately.

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