Friday, June 13, 2008

Latest Cyberhand Technologies International (CYHA) (CYHA.PK) Stock Spam, Pumping Up a Spooky Friday

Below is the third Cyberhand Technologies International (CYHA) (CYHA.PK) stock spam received. All three have arrived in a Windows Live Hotmail junk box. This is the first CYHA stock spam we've seen pumping up Friday's market. Just under 9 hours til market open.
"30 seconds of your time"

Friday Jun 13 Letter
Another great day for this one

Symb ols: c'y'h'a on the pk
corporation: CybrHand Technology
CIoseTo: 0.08
4-DaysPredic: 0.25
ThisIssue is a BU-Y

Great News, Great Volume, Great MCap, GreatBuyy.
Add a Note to check it out on Fri June 13
CaIIyour broker now!

Coverage of CYHA stock spam and trading activity since Tuesday:

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