Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cyberhand Technologies International (CYHA) (CYHA.PK) Stock Spam II

Another Cyberhand Technologies International (CYHA) (CYHA.PK) stock spam has arrived to Windows Live Hotmail. The first CYHA spam arrived prior to Tuesday's market open; See CYBERHAND TECH NEW (CYHA) (CYHA.PK) Stock Spam. On Tuesday, CYHA volume spiked to 835,814 and it closed at $0.0380 (+65.22%). The daily high as $0.04. The spam and spike coincided with the companies first press release (per Yahoo Finance) in four months. See Cyberhand Readies World's Fastest Controller for Field Testing.

Latest Cyberhand Technologies International (CYHA) (CYHA.PK) stock spam:

"Equity Watch for Tuesday"

Tick: OTC BB: C Y H A
Company: Cyberhand Tech
Last: 0.02
Foreseeing: 0.11
Recommendation: Buy

Watch it on June 10

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