Friday, June 13, 2008

Cyberhand Technologies International (CYHA) (CYHA.PK) 3-day Breakout; $19,000 Market cap???

Cyberhand Technologies International (CYHA) (CYHA.PK) closed Thursday up the same 45% to $0.08, where it was at our 2:00PM Eastern update. Volume ended up being 5.79 million shares, a substantial increase day over day since the rally began Tuesday.

Although CYHA is blacklisted over at, Yahoo Finance has been one reliable source or quote data. However, as is often the case, it lacks market capitalization and therefore shares outstanding data. Enter Google Finance. For CYHA, Google Finance shows 234,545 shares outstanding (x $0.08/share) for a market capitalization of $18,764.00. That's right, rounded up it's a whole $19,000. All the shares traded today could easily equate to turnover greater than $400,000. Happy trading with CYHA! Track Cyberhand and CYHA spam here.

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