Monday, December 10, 2007

New Greater China Media (GCME) (GCME.OB) Stock Spam

Greater China Media (GCME) (GCME.OB) stock was the target of stock spam in late November (see GCME stock spam history).

Over the weekend there were two Greater China Media (GCME) (GCME.OB) stock spams containing the same content but different subject lines: "market watch" and "hot stock pick."

Greater China Media (GCME) (GCME.OB) did not trade last Friday so its last stock quote is $0.15. GCME's annual high is $1.10 and its annual low is $0.07. does not have a warning label for GCME, but shows that it is dually quoted on the Pink Sheets and OTCBB.

Greater China Media (GCME) (GCME.OB) stock spam contents -->
BullsEye Financial Weekly Report December Issue: Gcme

Make no mistake: Our mission at BullsEye Financial is to sift through the thousands of underperforming companies out there to find the golden needle in the haystack. The m i c r o - c a p diamond that can make you a fortune. More often than not, the s t o c k s we profile show a significant increase in s t o c k p r i c e, sometimes in days, not months or years. We have come across what we feel is one of those rare deals that the public has not heard about yet.

Company : Greater China Media § Entertainment Corp.
Ticker : Gcme
Current-Price : $0.15
Target-Price : $1.25

We rate this 10/10 on the radar and predict it will trade with huge momentum by Christmas. and RUMORS of HUGE news coming as early as mid next week the day-traders and brokerage houses are getting ready for this upcoming week.

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