Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Benin Courier Scam

No, this is not a stock spam, but be warned nonetheless of this courier scam, in which it is not exactly clear, but the sender seems to want the recipient to contact a certain courier and fork over at least $130 -->


Dear Beneficiary,

I have been waiting for you to come down here to pick up your Bank
Draft,But i did not hear from you. Then i went and deposited the Draft
with a Courier company named : Thames Courier Service here in Benin Republic,
because i am travelling to return next month end. You are to contact
Thames Courier Company to know when your package will be delivered .Our company have taking care of both the delivery charges and insurance fee. The only charge you are to handle or send to them is the security keeping fee which is tagged at $130 to deliever your package. Don't be deceived by any body,you are to Contact the courier company with the informations below.

Attn: Mr Murphy Adams

Address : BP 2005 Ste Ceceile Ave,

Cotonou Republic Du Benin.

TE L: +(229) 90091811

EMAIL: collinsmichael@uk2net.com

Try to contact them as soon as possible to avoid increasing the
security keeping fee. Finally, you have to reconfirm this information,
namely Your complete name, phone number and residence address to them again to avoid any mistake in delivering your package to your address. you are to keep me updated as soon as you recieve your draft/package.

Mr Rod Mohan

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