Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Better than Spam ... Better than Nothing! --

An interesting letter arrived via snail mail yesterday. This is not our typical post on stock spam and is intended at this point for U.S. readers. So bear with us and some may be happy to hear the news -->

The US District Court Settlement Administrator (see has mailed out letters to members of a class action law suit against Visa, MasterCard, and/or Diners Club credit, informing cardholders the are eligible to receive a refund of certain fees related to foreign transactions during the period February 1, 1996 to November 8, 2006.

If you didn't travel overseas at all during that time or didn't use your card when you were travel overseas, that's okay, just choose the "Easy Refund" of $25, Refund Option 1.

If you traveled overseas more than a week or used your credit cards for more than $2,500, then Refund Option 2 may be a better choice. In this case, refunds will be a maximum of 1% of estimated foreign transactions.

There's also a Refund Option 3 for those who had "extensive" foreign travel and can document their transactions in some detail and/or for those that used corporate cards. Read this carefully when it arrives if this pertains to you.

Claims can be made via the form received in the mail or by going to Claims must be made by May 30, 2008

The website has an FAQ and other information.

If you didn't receive a mailed letter from the US District Court Settlement Administrator and are worried you won't, you can still go to and submit a claim, according to the website's explanation.

The potential bad news here is, as the site explains:

When will I get my refund?

Refunds will be paid after the Court finally approves the settlement, and approves any award of attorneys' fees, awards to the class representatives, and allocation of the settlement fund among Settlement Damages Class members, and any appeals related to that approval are resolved. It is possible that this could take several months, or, if appeals are filed, several years. You may want to check this website from time to time for updates.

It looks like the final approval hearing is schedule March 31, 2008.

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