Friday, October 5, 2007 (MAKU) (MAKU.OB) Stock Spam Pump-and-Dump (MAKU) (MAKU.OB) was first spammed for Tuesday Oct. 2 market action. See the, MAKU, chart below and you will notice the surge Tuesday morning. A classic "pump". Then notice the quick dump from above $0.30 to a close under $0.25, nearly touching $0.20 in between. Successive spam has not helped the spammers. This is a short-lived pump-and-dump. It could reappear, but there hasn't been any spam yet for Friday.

Track, MAKU, MAKU.OB spam here.

If there is more spam, it will probably be because of a Thursday afternoon press release from (MAKU) (MAKU.OB) showing quarterly sales data and an estimated 316% year on year increase in the quarter ended Sept. 30th sales. That would be 53% month on month.

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