Friday, October 5, 2007

Fearless International (FRLE) (FRLE.OB) Stock Spam Cruises Daily

Fearless International (FRLE) (FRLE.OB) continues to be the target of a heavy, daily stock spam campaign.

Since Wednesday, has labeled Fearless International, FRLE, FRLE.OB as "Caveat Emptor." That means you can't get any trading data on (FRLE) from It also means buyer beware!!!

The first Fearless International, FRLE, FRLE.OB spam was received on Saturday Sept. 29. See this informational post on FRLE.

FRLE.OB trading volume has been 1 million shares on Monday Oct. 1, 670 thousand on Tuesday and 666 thousand on Wednesday. Don't see data for Thursday. FRLE.OB closed at $0.32 on Friday Sept. 28. FRLE.OB fell to $0.20 on Monday after touching $0.35 during the day. It closed at $0.20 on Tuesday too. FRLE.OB closed down a penny on Wednesday and then rallied 31.57% to close at $0.25 on Thursday. Perfect situation for Fearless International spammers to pump (FRLE) some more.

Recent FR LE, F R L E, fr L e, FRLE, FRLE.OB spam subjects: "tidal wave is coming", "Keep your eyes open, this is going to take off", "Take a look at this and tell me what you think"

Latest Fearless International (FRLE) (FRLE.OB) spam 1 of 5 -->

FRLE making huge climb, UP 31.5%

Fearless International (F R L E)
$0.25 UP 31.23 %

Huge waves in the market today as week long trading pushed shares prices over 30% today. This thing is set to make tidal waves tomorrow. Don't sit back on this; it will hit the market running tomorrow.

Latest Fearless International (FRLE) (FRLE.OB) spam 2 of 5 -->

Investors Jump in as trading soars up 31%

Fearless International (FRLE)
$0.25 UP 31.84 %

Over 31% jump today will make for huge attention tomorrow. Friday will be pushed now as market makers see the trend going into place. Don't loose out on the opportunity tomorrow will bring to savvy investors, act first thing in the AM.

Latest Fearless International (FRLE) (FRLE.OB) spam 3 of 5 -->

Fearless 44 to be released at Feb Boat show.

Fearless International (FRLE) $0.20

This $300,000 yacht is being sold next to luxury sports cars, and orders are flying. Check out FR LE

Latest Fearless International (FRLE) (FRLE.OB) spam 4 of 5 -->

Hot new yacht.

Fearless International Inc. (FRLE) $0.20

Boating is a multi billion business, and it is on the rise. Wed is the day for F R L E

Latest Fearless International (FRLE) (FRLE.OB) spam 5 of 5 -->

GQ features new fearless yacht

Fearless International Inc. (FRLE) $0.20

Fearless already taking in ten Million in orders. Move on fr L e

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