Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fearless International (FRLE) (FRLE.OB) Stock Saturated with Spam on Saturday

Fearless International (FRLE) (FRLE.OB) stock spam began arriving late Friday (follow the FRLE.OB spam trail here). As of 2:25 pm eastern USA there are three more FRLE.OB spams + the two from Friday.

As posted earlier Fearless International (FRLE) (FRLE.OB) does not have any warning label on FRLE.OB has an annual stock price range of 0.25 - 5.00.

To Fearless International's credit it has a website, with an Investor Relations page that actually has details of press releases and even current SEC filings.

Yahoo Finance has a profile for Fearless International (FRLE.OB) -->

Fearless International, Inc., a development stage company, engages in the design and marketing of luxury performance powerboats and yachts. The company, through its subsidiary, provides 28-foot high-speed performance boats. Fearless International was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Miami, Florida.

With the state of the US economy: credit market turmoil and illiquidity, consumer confidence falling, yada yada, it doesn't look good for Fearless International, especially in Florida (think real estate [condo] problems).

Recent press releases (1. Aug 20) say the 28" yacht is set for production by next March and (2. Sep 26) say a scale model has been completed for the 44 footer. The Aug 20 PR says 75% of deposits for first year production have been received. The Sept 26 is more of a hype PR, but important nonetheless for a small firm. The 75% deposits received may sound good but after all is only a deposit and could easily face cancellations if the economic situation worsens.

Incomplete Key Statistics data on Yahoo Finance says Fearless International (FRLE) (FRLE.OB) had ttm revenue of $309.79, net income of -$3.91M, diluted EPS of -$0.07, total cash mrq of $113.76k and total debt mrq of $2.3M.

Latest Fearless International (FRLE) (FRLE.OB) spam 1 of 3 -->

subject: This yacht is in every magazine out there

Porche Design Studio Completes Design For New Yacht!

Fearless International Inc.
Current Price: $0.32

The Boat was called "A Dream come True" by Power Boat Magazine. Time Magazine picks the Fearless 28 in its Top 100. From standing still to 60 MPH in just 20 seconds. Try the top speed at 81MPH. The trading will be the only thing moving faster. Monday is the day to get on board!

Latest Fearless International (FRLE) (FRLE.OB) spam 2 of 3 -->

subject: You wont believe this new yacht

Fearless Builds Porsche Design Yacht!

Fearless International

Bob Teague, Power Boat magazines lead test driver, gives the new yacht near perfect scoring! The Fearless 28 makes Times Top 100. From standing still to 60 MPH in just 20 seconds. Tops speeds of 81 MPH! Not only will this Yacht move fast, so will its shares! Don't let this Yacht take off without you, get on FRLE Monday morning!

Latest Fearless International (FRLE) (FRLE.OB) spam 3 of 3 -->

subject: I want this so bad, check it out

New Yachts Designed By Porsche Design Studios Hits Market!

Fearless International Inc.
Price: $0.32

Power Boat Magazine calls it a "Dream Come True". Time picks it for Top 100 list. 0-60 in 20 seconds, shows its power. Feel the Speed at an amazing 81MPH. Watch investors grab this even faster. Get on board and grab FRLE first thing Monday!


CoffeyGrinds said...

Im glad you posted on this. Im subscribed to your feed and was talking about this on my show.
Thanks again you saved me time.

In haste

Anonymous said...

Got this one on 3-Oct-07:

New Designs Hit The Street, Same Hot Look, But Nearly Twice As Big.

Fearless International
Price: $0.20

Brokers push share prices down and grab shares in anticipation of a
investor frenzy. This one is going on high alert for investors who want
huge returns. This thing is only starting to grow. Get in on this at
opening bell tomorrow.

admin said...

Coffeygrinds, what's the link to your show? Appreciate your subscription and glad you saved some time!

Anonymous, thanks for sharing the Fearless International, FRLE.OB spam. It looks very similar to the others. The spammers seem to be hoping for better luck Tuesday as the pump and dump fell apart on Monday.

Chad said...

Subject: Do yourself a favour

GQ features new fearless yacht

Fearless International
F R L E . O B
Current Price: $0.20

This $300,000 yacht is being sold next to luxury sports cars, and orders
are flying. Run after f r LE This is only the beginning; this one is
going out of the park. Be ready to move on this first thing in the

Anonymous said...

Just a tip from a little birdie...Fearless International is the real deal and worth far more than just my 2 cents. ;)