Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fearless International (FRLE) (FRLE.OB) Stock Spammed Heavily

Fearless International (FRLE) (FRLE.OB) is the target of a new stock spam campaign that began late Friday.

Fearless International FRLE (FRLE.OB) lost 5.8824% to close at $0.32 on Friday. Its daily range was $0.25 - $0.32. More than 80,000 shares exchanged hands. does not have any warning label for Fearless International FRLE (FRLE.OB) as of 2:15 pm eastern USA Saturday.

Here are the first two Fearless International (FRLE) (FRLE.OB) spams from late Friday, the FRLE spams from Saturday as of 2:15 pm eastern USA will be posted separately.

1 of 2 FRLE.OB spams -->

subject: New yacht hits 81 MPH

FRLE makes Time Magazine's Top 100 Design List!

Fearless International
Price: $0.32

New Yacht called "Dream Come True". Time magazine lists it in Top 100 Designs. From standing still to 60 MPH in just 20 seconds. Toping out at 81 MPH. The trading will be the only thing moving faster. Your ship has come in, get on FRLE Monday morning!

2 of 2 FRLE.OB spams -->

subject: Check out this awesome yacht video

New Yachts Designed By Porsche Design Studios Hits Market!

Fearless International Inc.
Current: $0.32

New Yacht receives near perfect scoring from Power Boat Magazine! Time Magazine picks the Fearless 28 in its Top 100. Amazing power at 0-60 in 20 sec. Imagine a Yacht topping out at 81MPH! The price on this will climb just as fast. Jump on board with FRLE Monday morning!

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