Friday, October 5, 2007

Inform Worldwide Holdings (IWWI) (IWWI.OB) Stock Spam for Friday

Inform Worldwide Holdings (IWWI) (IWWI.OB) stock spam has arrived as a market alert for Friday Oct. 5.

Inform Worldwide Holdings (IWWI) (IWWI.OB) does not have a warning label on as of Friday morning.

IWWI, IWWI.OB, OTCBB: IWWI, lost 6.1225% on Thursday to close at $2.30. IWWI stock annual high is $2.86 and its annual low is $0.75.

Short interest data on shows IWWI short interest skyrocketed 1,768% when reported on Sept. 27. Still with 41,322 shares being shorted at that time, it only means it takes 1 day (or less) to cover.

The Inform Worldwide Holdings (IWWI) (IWWI.OB) spam comes from AMERICAN STOCK ADVISOR which says it was compensated $10,000 for distribution of this report. (see below) That seems hard to believe, but keep reading for details of the IWWI spam.

Inform Worldwide Holdings (IWWI) (IWWI.OB) stock spam -->

"re: mrkt interest increases"

Alert for Friday October 5

Name: Inform WorldWide Inc
Ticker: IWWI
Recent Price: $2.35
5-d Target: $4.50
9-d Target: $6.25
Rating: Strong Buy

Inform WorldWide (OTCBB: IWWI) is poised to explode in the next 10 trading sessions. We are picking IWWI for several reasons, the first of which is an incredible management team, the second is excellent news flow, the third is IWWI recently announced major contracts(Read more on this later) and fourth is we believe this company is grossly undervalued. Based on our opinion IWWI should be trading at no less then $6 per share.

About Inform Worldwide Holdings, Inc.: Inform Worldwide Holdings, Inc. (OTC BB: IWWI.OB ) is a development stage company currently in the process of identifying, developing, and marketing global business opportunities with emphasis on natural resource development and servicing.

Call your financial professional to add IWWI to your portfolio NOW!

We are strongly urging our readers to jump in and grab some Inform Worldwide (OTC BB: IWWI) and add it to their portfolios as soon as possible.

We strongly urge you to do you own research and due diligence before investing in Inform WorldWide INc. or any other company. Our job is to pick winners for our readers and the rest is up to you. Check out IWWI, Inc. today and best of luck to all our readers

IWWI is poised for huge gains in the coming trading sessions. The question is - ARE YOU READY?

DISCLAIMER: This is not an offer to buy or sell any security. American Stock Advisor discloses that they were paid ten thousand Dollars for distribution of this report. This report contains forward-looking statements. Please do due diligence before investing in any company. Best of luck!

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