Friday, October 5, 2007

No TGIF for (MAKU) (MAKU.OB), Fearless Int'l (FRLE) (FRLE.OB); IWWI a Winner So Far (MAKU) (MAKU.OB) and Fearless International (FRLE) (FRLE.OB) are having an ugly Friday in spite of spammers' efforts or maybe that should be due to pump-and-dumpers.

As of 1:52 pm eastern USA, (MAKU) (MAKU.OB) was losing a nickel, -25.00%, at $0.15. 177,860 shares have changed hands.

As of 1:53 pm eastern USA, Fearless International (FRLE) (FRLE.OB) was losing three cents, 12.00%, at $0.22. 1,338,431 shares have changed hands.

HOWEVER, one winner from stock spam targets is Inform Worldwide Holdings (IWWI) (IWWI.OB). IWWI is up 10.43% at $2.54 as of 2:10 pm eastern USA, 748,881 shares traded. See the first and only (so far) Inform Worldwide Holdings (IWWI) (IWWI.OB) stock spam.

Track (MAKU) (MAKU.OB) stock spam and Fearless International (FRLE) (FRLE.OB) stock spam.

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