Sunday, September 2, 2007

Labor Day Weekend Stock Spam: Vega Promotional Sys (VGPM.PK)

In the past thirteen hours (currently 8pm Eastern) I have received 4 spam emails to my Gmail spam box for Vega Promotional Sys (VGPM.PK).

The latest message as about 6pm East. is

subject: Tuesday trade notice

Breaking into the industry with all the right pieces.

Vega Promotional, Inc
V G P M . P K

Subscription gamers spend over 1 billion a year. Games like World of
Warcraft pulled in over 471 million in 2006. VGPM is stepping up to take
a lion's share of those profits with a new line of subscription games.
Read the news and set your buy for VGPM first thing Tuesday.

At about 3:20pm East. I received the same body email with a different first line -->

subject: Weekend News Alert

"Breaking into the industry with all the right pieces."

And at about 11:30a East. I received another of the same content except the first line -->

subject: Read this before Tuesday

"Here comes VGPM with a plan that rocks investors."

And at about 7:00a East. yet another of the same content with the same first line as above -->

subject: Weekend News Alert

The ".ru" suffix means the email appears to originate from Russia. It looks like I've been receiving these spam emails, apparent stock pump-and-dump, since Saturday.

Here's its page on ( where it warns, "STOP: No information."

Vega Promotional (VGPM.PK) closed at $0.07 on Friday (Aug 31). shows its annual high is $2.25 and its low is $0.03. The company has gone through two name changes in about the past two years. Its shares once traded in the double digits $ about 3 years ago. Contact information for its shares are for a United Kingdom (UK) address.

Its website,, describes the company as

... a full-service international marketing and consulting firm.

Not sure exactly for what, but it appears to have something to do with the gaming industry.

Be careful out there on Tuesday. I don't own shares and I don't plan to buy any. Always be careful with penny stocks. Be especially careful with email spams, which almost always are pump-and-dump scams.

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