Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Vega Promotional Sys (VGPM.PK) Stock Spam (Read: Pump-and-dump) Intensifies

Hope everybody enjoyed the three-day (Labor Day) weekend. Unfortunately, spammers were hard at work to pump up the pink sheet traded stock of Vega Promotional Sys (VGPM.PK). I have received a handful of these VGPM spams to my Gmail spam box over the past three days (see my earlier documenting of these VGPM spam).

The latest VGPM spam I received is 6:10am East. -->

from: bkrause@paradigm-agency.com
subject: First Bell Report

VGPM Aggressively Going After Subscription Gaming Market

V G P M . P K

VGPM steps into the spotlight. The news wires will be humming with
reports on Tuesday. Get ahead of it, and set your buy for VGPM.

All of the VGPM spam has followed a similar format.

Here's another I received just after midnight -->

from: dal73@epraca.com.pl
subject: Investor Alert

VGPM Is The One To Watch This Week


Investor eyes are turning to VGPM this week. Don't miss the news on
Tuesday. Place your buy before opening bell on Tuesday.

Based on some of the sender email addresses and the hits that I'm receiving, it appears this pump-and-dump has some overseas perpetrators.

Be very cautious of stock spam emails such as VGPM. There may be one day or very short-term pops in share price, but liquidity evaporates even faster on the fall back down. Hence, "pump and dump."

1 comment:

Dog Lover said...

VGPM spam.

This is the Sh*ttiest stock chart if you look at a 5 year chart. 2 Years ago it was at $2 and is just going down fast. I'd predict this company is going up by the looks of it's stock price.

I've gotten multiple spams in my yahoo account from this piece of crap. Same type of message I believe it's by the same person.

Wish I could short it..but it's too low to even short...