Wednesday, August 29, 2007

ERMX.OB, EntreMetrix Stock Spam Email Continues

EntreMetrix Corp. (ERMX.OB) email spam has been flowing into my Gmail spam box consistently over the past 36 hours. The stock interestingly has been pretty stable at the $0.08 to $0.09 range over the past two days. This seems to signal some accumulation. However, all investors should be careful of any stock being pumped in email spams. I don't own any shares and have no intention to, but want to follow along and hope this post might save someone from falling into a pump-and-dump, if that's how this unfolds.

Latest spam for EntreMetrix Corp. (ERMX.OB) to my Gmail spam box:

at: 8:30am East.
subject: market update

Here Comes ERMX, Brokers Are jumping On It.

EntreMetrix Inc.

News draws brokers to the table, grabbing big share blocks. Could they
have the inside track? Play with the big boys and get on ERMX first
thing Wed.

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