Thursday, September 6, 2007

Andover Medical Inc. (ADOV.OB) Issues Stock Spam Notice Re. "Cancer Cure"; Shares Trade Lower

Andover Medical, Inc. (ADOV.OB) issued a notice to the investment community on Wednesday afternoon, regarding "unauthorized email distribution," which I reported on yesterday, see Andover Medical Inc. (ADOV.OB) Stock Spam -- "Cancer Cure", for more details.

Andover Medical said:

The Company has no knowledge of the source of the emails, but confirms that the information contained in them is untrue.

Any questions or information requests should be directed to:

Erin Hegarty, Equity Performance Group, at 617-723-2225 or

Andover Medical (ADOV.OB) shares lost $0.03, -6.7% on Wednesday to $0.42 on trading volume of slightly more 100,000 shares (definitely a spike in volume and the highest in months). During the day it traded is low as $0.36 -20%, and as high as $0.50, +11%. The best bid and ask as quoted on were $0.37 v $0.45 as of 5:20pm USA Eastern.

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