Wednesday, September 5, 2007

VGPM.PK - Vega Promotional Sys Spam Continues Wednesday Afternoon

Vega Promotional Sys (VGPM.PK) is down less than half of a cent, but off around 5.2% to $0.0730 in late Wednesday trading. Volume is about 1/4 of what it was yesterday. The trading range has remained pretty narrow, $0.0700 - $0.0850, although looking at its chart, you can see it has gradually weakened since the market open.

This afternoon US Eastern time, I have received three more spams for Vega Promotional Sys (VGPM.PK) -->

The news hit, and so did the volume


Online poker is now being taught by Bob The Butcher himself. has finally hit the market. Take advantage of learning from bob the secrets of poker and then play against him online. The World Series of Poker will be huge exposure for VGPM is the next hot technology gaming group. Don't let this one get away form you, grab it at opening bell.

It's a frenzy on shares today

Online Poker Takes On Whole New Meaning With VGPM And Bob The Butcher.

Vega Promotional Systems, Inc
V G P M . P K

VGPM's new software is now enabling Pokers most famous player to teach people to play online. Members are already hot for the amazing new site. The Butcher himself will show you how to play and you may even get in a game with him yourself. London will be the location for the World Series of Poker, hosted by VGPM. What ever you do, don't pass this one by. Beat the rush and get on VGPM Wednesday.
Volume explodes as news breaks

Investors Go Crazy For VGPM As News Hits Tuesday.

Vega Promotional Sys

The #1 poker player in the game, Bob The Butcher, is now teaching and playing at online. Go to to see the new site. The Butcher himself will show you how to play and you may even get in a game with him yourself. VGPM announced its hosting of the World Series of Poker to promote the site. The market is already in frenzy today over the announcement. Don't forget to set your buys for open on Wed.

Notice the consistent pattern there!

For more details of Vega Promotional Sys (VGPM.PK) spam see -->

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