Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Andover Medical Inc. (ADOV.OB) Stock Spam -- "Cancer Cure"

This Andover Medical Inc. (ADOV.OB) stock spam I received in my Gmail spam box at about 4:30am East. Wednesday is a weird one. It is from: News --, sent to a name different than my own. The subject: Gilbert and Roseanne hubby reunite. Here's the body -->

We are glad to inform you of a CANCER CURE invented
by ANDOVER MEDICAL INC (ADOV), that will take
the world by storm. This new medicine, is above all other
and boosts a 80% success rate during clinical trials

Over the next few days you will hear about this in the PAPERS and on TV.
So buy shares now, while price is low, before the news hits.


Andover has traded between $0.30 - $2.00 over 52-weeks. It closed at $0.45 on Tuesday with 0 shares traded according to Yahoo finance. The zero shares traded seems to happen often with Andover (ADOV.OB).


Anonymous said...

So is this a scam or not?

admin said...

Yes, I believe so. Andover Medical (ADOV.OB) issued a warning in a Wednesday afternoon press release, see Andover Medical Inc. (ADOV.OB) Issues Stock Spam Notice Re. "Cancer Cure"; Shares Trade Lower.

Anonymous said...

ffs of course it is