Tuesday, October 9, 2012

SMA Alliance (SMAA) spikes on stock spam, pump and dump

SMA Alliance (SMAA) (S_M_A A), the target of a stock spam for the market's open yesterday (Oct. 8) saw its volume triple to over 700,000 shares while its stock price climbed as high as $0.13 before closing at $0.12, up $0.03 (33%) on the day. How convenient to have a stock spam set for Columbus Day. We wrote about SMAA before the market opened and said caveat emptor. The warning stands, though there may be more upside considering how aggressive the spammers want to see the price move: "target appreciation" of 258% - 1,400%." See our earlier post on SMAA: http://spam-list.blogspot.com/2012/10/sma-alliance-inc-smaa-sma-stock-email.html

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