Monday, October 8, 2012

SMA Alliance, Inc. (SMAA, S_M_A A) stock email spam

Folks the formatting of the email received regarding SMA Alliance (SMAA) (S_M_A A) is evidence enough there is a pump-and-dump scheme at play. With a subject line of "We can never get enough of a good thing," and with so-called "target appreciation" of 258% - 1,400%, you know how it often goes. Caveat emptor for this $0.09 per share stock with a $23.1 million market capitalization per Yahoo! Finance. Interestingly trading volume was the lowest it had been all week on Friday and the lowest since Sept. 21. At the same time, SMA is down 50% since a month ago when it was $0.18 per share (the highest it has traded since spike above $0.20 around June). Not the typical pump-and-dump setup of volume rising pre-spam, but with the pps down by half in a month, this may either an act of desperation by some shady holders or opportunism to take advantage of the lower pps. 

Original email:

We can never get enough of a good thing.‏

Supporters, Today Our Pink sheet Pick Is S_M_A A
S_M_A A Receives High Line Automotive Franchise Approval
10/1/2012 - Market Wire
Unexposed, under valued S_M_A A has quietly expanded a revolutionary lead
generation application for virtual car dealerships, which has, just last
week, gained its blessing from Lexus; with BMW and Mercedes coming in Q4.
Date: October 8th
Ticker: S_M_A A
RECOMMENDATION: Stimulating Speculative Buy

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