Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Royal Quantum Group (RYQG) (RQG.OB) Target, In-play

Royal Quantum Group (RYQG) (RQG.OB) is the target of an email pump that displays the typical signs of stock spam. (Original email copied below). Royal Quantum Group (RYQG) last traded at $0.16/share and the email states a 14 day target of $0.90/share. First, nobody uses 14-day targets! Secondly, as you'll see, the remainder of the email is full of bad typos. The last four trading sessions have been particularly active for Royal Quantum, and it's likely that will continue today. RYQG has been highly volatile too, and that is also likely to continue (it has traded between $0.10/share and $0.23/share in the past four days). Google Finance shows that it has a market cap of $7.84 million.

Royal Quantum Group (RYQG) (RQG.OB) email:

"Information is key to Company success‏"

Invesstment Marrket Allert

Siymbol: RYQG

Industry: Oil & Gas
Currrent Value: $0.16
Vollume: 706,000

14 day Tarrget: $0.90

Recommendation: Sttrong Buuy

Royal Quantum is a North American-based exploration and development Company, focusing on the acquisition and development of cash flow or near term cash flow producing properties in the resource sector. Royal Quantum is a fully reporting public company traading on the OTCBB market under the siymbol RYQG. We stumbled upon this rough gem while we were doing our research of up-and-coming Oil & Gas smaall caaps.

Visit the Royal Quantum Group, Inc. web site royalquantum. com

We are expecting big moves and serious news to be released this upcoming week,
stay tuned and keep this ticcker on your radar.

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