Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hague Corp Stock Spam (HGUE) (HGUE.OB)

The following spam concerning Hague Corp (HGUE) (HGUE.OB) arrived in a Windows Live email junk box early Thursday morning. (See block-text below).

HGUE was last trading at ten cents ($0.10) a share as of just after noon Eastern time. Nearly 267,000 shares traded, which is about 5 times the normal daily volume. Today's range is wide at $0.10 - $0.14, and is at the bottom of its 52-week range (high of $0.50/share). Yahoo Finance shows a market capitalization of $7M for the Scottsdale, AZ based producer and distributor of thin film quantum dot PV solar cells. For more information see HGUE's website. Since HGUE is now the target of a stock spam and given its tiny capitalization, consider this to be a speculative stock. Also note that has a "Caveat Emptor" warning for HGUE.

"Asset valuation indicates cheap shares won't stay for long‏"

Big Investtment Notice

Company: Hague Corp. (Sym HGUE)
Current P: $0.11

Value: $0.74

Breaking Developments

DALLAS(BUSINESS WIRE)Hague Corp (OTCBB HGUE News) has received a Speculative Buy.
rating with a price target of $1.10 by Street Research Analyst, Kris Gupta, CFA. On November 4, 2008 Hague Corp. merged with Solterra Renewable Technologies, Inc (Solterra) Solterra is a start-up solar technology and quantum dot manufacturing firm. The Company has an exclusive worldwide license agreement with William Marsh Rice University to develop, manufacture, and market Rice.s inventions in the solar technologies world.

The Company has developed a low cost quantum dot processing technology. Solterra
intends to design and manufacture solar cells using a proprietary thin film semiconductor technology that will enable them to reduce their cost significantly compared to their competitors.

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