Friday, January 30, 2009

Hague Corp Stock Spam Brings Surge in Trading Activity (HGUE) (HGUE.OB)

Yesterday we reported receipt of a stock spam involving Hague Corp (HGUE) (HGUE.OB). The stock closed at $0.105, trading as high as $0.14 and as low as a dime. Volume of over 671,000 shares was more than 4 times the prior day and over 10 times normal. Despite the flurry of activity, the stock is down by a third from its recent high of over $0.30 at the start of the year. Trading volume today (Friday) as of 11:12 AM ET is already almost 439,000 shares, but the trading range is much more narrow than yesterday at only a penny spread between $0.11 - $0.12, last at $0.11. This activity seems to suggest accumulation, since for some reason, the price is not moving on the volume. As we said yesterday, PinkSheets has labeled Hague Corp a "caveat emptor" stock. And given its $7M or so market capitalization along with the arrival of the stock spam, we're stating in the obvious that it is a speculative stock.

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Anonymous said...

I just don't get how the pum and dump spammers can make money. Huge volumes on Friday 30 Jan but at a narrow price range, and you would have thought the spammer would have bought stock before the ramp started, but all he seems to have achieved is selling at a loss.