Monday, September 10, 2007

WW Energy Inc. (WWNG.PK) Stock Spam Details

This is a follow up to WW Energy Inc. (WWNG.PK) Stock Spam Email.

FYI, has a "Stop: No Information" label associated with WW Energy Inc. (WWNG.PK).

The spam email said, "Check 07/10/07. 2 months ago. This Stock exploded, traded over 7 million shares. It's going to do it again. Get in on the money train now!"

See this chart from

I added a line to the chart showing where WW Energy Inc. (WWNG.PK) spiked up around the date mentioned by the spammer. Its shares went from about half a penny to north of three pennies, a huge move in percentage terms. I'm not seeing the 7 million shares traded, but there would probably was that many traded over a few days that week.

WW Energy Inc. (WWNG.PK) is highly speculative and just by looking at its chart, it will probably spike up Tuesday or Wednesday as the spam spreads and it will be probably be volatile and spike down just as fast.

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admin said...

Two more details on WW Energy Inc. (WWNG.PK)

1. the sender was:, which is a domain suffix from Argentina

2. but when using an IP lookup, the email appears to originate from Amsterdam, The Netherlands