Tuesday, September 11, 2007

WW Energy Inc. (WWNG.PK) Second Stock Spam Email

WW Energy Inc. (WWNG.PK) first stock spam email arrived late Monday. See:
  • WW Energy Inc. (WWNG.PK) Stock Spam Details
  • WW Energy Inc. (WWNG.PK) Stock Spam Email

The latest WW Energy Inc. (WWNG.PK) stock spam arrived at 4:45am eastern USA -->

from: fsaqmnfbwqek@boyeknives.com
subject: Sergio has sent you a message

Watch WWNG Tuesday!

ww Energy Inc.
Symbol : wwng

WWNG is hitting the news again Tuesday.

Hot news can provide huge profits.

Get in while the price is low.

Get WWNG Tuesday. Morn.

Monday's WW Energy Inc. (WWNG.PK) spam had an email sender domain suffix from Argentina, but an IP lookup showed the sender was from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. An IP lookup of Tuesday's WW Energy Inc. (WWNG.PK) shows the sender is from Milton, Australia.

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