Tuesday, September 11, 2007

WW Energy Inc. (WWNG.PK) Doubles in Day 1 of Pump and Dump

The markets have closed. WW Energy Inc. (WWNG.PK) doubled, up 100% to a whopping $0.024, on about 4 and a quarter million shares traded, probably less than $100,000 of turnover. Not a bad day for the pumpers or those brave enough to join the ride, except up at $0.03, since there was some pretty heavy selling at $0.03 around 11am eastern USA. After recovering from just above $0.02, WWNG.PK was mostly trading in a narrow range to closing.

There's no warning on Pinksheets.com concerning the stock spam. The "Stop: No information" label remains.

See this earlier post WW Energy Inc. (WWNG.PK) Stock Spam Details for a look at a previous pump and dump in July when WWNG.PK jumped from around $0.005 to above $0.03, that more than 500%, but still small in absolute dollar terms.

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