Thursday, September 6, 2007

Update: Vega Promotional (VGPM.PK) Unchanged; Andover Medical (ADOV.OB) Spikes Up on Low Volume

Not much has changed for the share price of Vega Promotional Sys (VGPM.PK) since the mid-day update I posted. Andover Medical (ADOV.OB) held on to some of its gains as volume crept higher.

  • Vega Promotional Sys (VGPM.PK) stayed within the $0.07 to $0.08 range, ending unchanged at $0.07 on almost 1.6 million shares traded.
  • Andover Medical (ADOV.OB) gained 9.5% to $0.46 on more than 39,000 shares traded. Its daily trading range was $0.40 - $0.51, opening at the high-end, bottoming around 1pm eastern US and then rallying back to stable +$0.04 through closing.

Vega Promotional Sys share price has been surprisingly stable, as I've said earlier. Andover is not seeing much trading volume, as it traditionally hasn't had a high trading volume, but that is also due to it receiving a very limited amount of spam compared to Vega Promotional.

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