Thursday, September 6, 2007

Latest Vega Promotional (VGPM.PK) Stock Spam Email

This Vega Promotional Sys (VGPM.PK) stock spam just arrived to my Gmail at 1:35pm eastern U.S. The details -->

News Alert

Huge News For VGPM Has Pushed Trading Through The Roof.

V G P M . P K

Big News for VGPM has caused huge trading waves. This one is just getting warmed up. Place your buys for opening bell on Thursday.
The email style is consistent. The email address shows a suffix, which is for Thailand. We've seen a number of country domains for Vega Promotional. The "" is interesting because Minebea is an electronics equipment maker from Japan. What's also interesting is the text, "Place your buys for opening bell on Thursday." Obviously there's some lag with the email server, or this has been deliberately written in hopes the stock has already advanced, at least somewhat, enticing new buying.

As of 1:10pm eastern U.S., Vega Promotional Sys (VGPM.PK) was up less than half a cent, +5.57% to $0.0739 on share trading volume of 1.077 million.


Dog Training said...

Funny thing is there is NO news on this piece of crap, AND no volume spike


wish I could short it...
The stock price was 22 5 years ago. Now around .07 MASSIVE changes have to happen for it to turn around. Nobody wants it now.

admin said...

Right, no news or least nothing substantial from what I can tell. The volume appears to be higher, from what data is available, but it is not significant because of the $0.07 share price.

A turn around for a stock having fallen to $0.07 is highly unlikely or would need MASSIVE changes as you said. I'd assume it would have to go under bankruptcy protection or be taken private and re-emerge in some kind of reverse merger or some kind of chicanery. Don't know enough about Vega Promotional's history, but from what I have seen, the company has gone through a number of name changes and likely more as its share price has tanked next to nothing.