Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Unity Wireless Corporation (UTYW.OB) Says Spam Campaign Not Company Initiated or Endorsed

Market Wire published a press release by Unity Wireless Corporation (UTYW.OB) Tuesday saying the company is aware of the stock spam against it beginning on Saturday, but is in no way associated with it.

Neither the board nor the management of Unity has approved any of the emails sent out in the company's name and any attachments with the company's news releases. The Company also announces it has not authorized any person or persons, companies, or any third parties to alter, add or delete any content from its news releases.

Unity Wireless Corporation (UTYW.OB) referenced Spam Nation, which listed Unity as a target of recent stock spam. Spam Nation says the following on its website, regarding stock spam in general:

"Most stock spam is now sent by speculators unconnected to the company advertised. There are exceptions, but in most cases the companies whose stocks get spammed are honest businesses."

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