Tuesday, September 18, 2007

"Friendly" Stock Spam for Friendly Energy Corporation (FDEG.PK)

This has to be the best stock spam ever -->

from: Robin Rocha, jrapoport@exponent.com
subject: )![-([])(!

Ti(ck!eeer F D*E-G
Close at 0.04
Ta.rg[et 0.12

Here's Friendly Energy Corporation's (FDEG.PK) website.

Pinksheets.com warns about Friendly Energy Corporation (FDEG.PK) with a label of: "Stop: No Information."

According to Pinksheets.com, FDEG.PK has a annual low of a penny and a high of $0.135. FDEG.PK lost 7.69% on Monday to close at $0.036.

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admin said...

This FDEG.PK spam is also originating from Montevideo, Uruguay, according to an IP lookup.