Saturday, September 22, 2007

Second Physical Property Holdings (PPYH) (PPYH.OB) Stock Spam Pumps for Monday

First, be sure to see: Physical Property Holdings (PPYH) (PPYH.OB) Stock Spam Starts Saturday.

Second, this stock spam refers to a Manhattan Hill website, which could be this: but there doesn't seem to be a reference to Physical Property Holding and the news releases are in Chinese. The spam must be an attempt to lure the unknowing and the speculators on hype over a Chinese stock and one involved in property at that.

Physical Property Holdings (PPYH) (PPYH.OB) spam subject line: "Get on this before Open"

PPYH spam body:

PPYH Invests In Manhattan Hill Project

Physical Property Holdings Inc.
PPYH $0.25

Read the news and check out the Manhattan Hill website.

Investors will be all over this Monday

Mon will be the day to get in on PPYH.

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