Saturday, September 22, 2007

Physical Property Holdings (PPYH) (PPYH.OB) Stock Spam Starts Saturday

Physical Property Holdings (PPYH) (PPYH.OB) is now a target of a stock email spam campaign. The first PPYH spam arrived early Saturday morning. The subject line reads: "PPYH Finishes Restructure to Focus on Trillion Dollar China Market." An IP lookup shows the sender's location is, you guessed it, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

WARNING: Although the website doesn't have a warning label for Physical Property Holdings (PPYH) (PPYH.OB), it probably should, since its shares have not traded since September 4th when they closed at $0.25. PPYH has an annual high of $0.30 and a low of $0.15. PPYH appears to have operations in Hong Kong, but is incorporated in Delaware state, USA.

The body of the email reads -->

Huge returns resulted from last months Big news release.

PPYH has recently restructured their company to focus on the booming China real estate market. With Dozens of Multi Million Dollar properties listed on the new website, this company is going to explode. Get on PPYH first thing Monday!

Physical Property Holdings Inc.

Physical Property Holdings Inc. to Acquire Premium Residential Units with Huge Appreciation Potential
Friday September 21, 4:00 pm ET

HONG KONG, Sept. 21 /-- Physical Property Holdings Inc. is pleased to announce today that it is in negotiations to acquire two to three premium residential units/apartments from the Manhattan Hill project in Hong Kong . Manhattan Hill is developed by one of the most well known real estate developers in the region and its units rise over the heart of Hong Kong and its transportation network can be easily accessed.

"We are finalizing the terms and conditions for the acquisition of Manhattan Hill's units," claimed Mr. Ngai Keung Luk, Chairman and CEO of Physical Property Holdings Inc. "Again, we intend to grow PPYH by acquiring additional premium real estate units which will provide us with a stable stream of income and long term asset appreciation. We will continue to focus on real estate investments and asset management, guided by our investment principles."

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