Monday, September 24, 2007

Manhattan Hill Project News Sends PPYH Off to Races

Physical Property Holdings (PPYH) (PPYH.OB) is skyrocketing on Monday, up 320% at $1.05 at 3:00pm eastern USA. This is the most impressive move by a penny stock targeted by a stock spam since beginning spam-list.

PPYH interestingly is skyrocketing on just 131,385 shares traded. This leaves many questions if it is 100 round lots that are pushing it higher, is it bigger lots of fewer trades that successively push it higher...?

Review prior Physical Property Holdings (PPYH) (PPYH.OB) spams here.

And here's a PPYH spam from after the market opened but still referring to the open on PPYH Manhattan Hill Project hype -->

subject: Make sure you read this before Monday

PPYH Gets Into Manhattan Hill Project In Hong Kong

Physic al Propert y Holdings Inc.
up $.10 in first 5 mins of trading. This is just the start of things get in now

Investors will be all over this Monday


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