Monday, September 24, 2007

Asset Capital Group (ACGU) (ACGU.PK) Spammed for Tuesday

A stock spam targeting Asset Capital Group. Inc. (ACGU) (ACGU.PK) arrived late Monday. Looks like Asset Capital Group (ACGU) hasn't traded since Sept. 6 when it closed at $1.15 as seen on Yahoo Finance. Average volume is said to be less than 82 shares!?

ACGU.PK has a "Stop: No information" label on PinkSheets' data confirms the last trade for ACGU was on Sept. 6 at $1.15. PinkSheets' says ACGU has an annual high of $6.00 and its low is $1.01.

Asset Capital Group (ACGU) (ACGU.PK) spam details -->

subject: Attention ! buy ACGU.PK !

Rumor News: Tuesday Sept 25, 2007.

Asset Capital Group. Inc. (ACGU.PK) said to have focus upon locating and
investing in small, profitable enterprises with promising growth potential.

The Company intends to invest in companies in a wide range of categories,
including manufacturing, environmental clean-up, financial services and other

Current Price: $1.15
Short Term: $2
Recommendation: Agressive Buy/Hold

Don't wait for the news to come out and lose the opportunity to get in front
of the general investing public. Asset Capital Group is in a multibillion dollar
industry where they are gaining market share rapidly.
Expect quick flip of up to 300% if bought now!

Contact your broker on Tuesday Sept 25 for ACGU.PK

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